Ryan's trademarked program Make Your Own Lunch™ is about one thing; Decision. It's about giving young people the power to decide their future. What they'll have, where they'll go, what they'll do and who they'll be.

Then it's about deciding to go get it. It has nothing to do with the actual preparation of food but everything to do with youth preparing a life that they are excited to be living everyday Students leave with a renewed sense of direction, excited about their possibilities and prepared to take their next steps.

There are two options to bring Make Your Own Lunch to your school or conference and one option for educators.

1. Make Your Own Lunch™ – Keynote (60-75mins)

It's time for young people to become the gourmet chef of their lives. It's time to block out their distractions and it's time to have the experiences of their lifetime Make Your Own Lunch™ is all about deciding to create the life they “crave”. Is it going to University? Owning a business? Traveling around the world? or all three? Through his hilarious stories and adventures, Ryan will give students the “ingredients” needed to make the exact life they want to live while giving the audience lots of laughs along the way!

2. Make Your Own Lunch™ – Workshop (45-60mins)

This workshop has nothing to do with making a sandwich but everything to do with deciding to live epically! In this workshop Ryan teaches 4 decisions young people can make that will completely change the way they view their future. His outrageous escapades from Hawaii to Slovakia will have them laughing, learning and preparing to lead the life of their dreams. Stop living by someone else's menu and Make Your Own Lunch™.