In 2004, Ryan Porter quit his business program in college to start his quest to answer the question, “what do I want to be when I grow up?”

The search for an answer brought him to Tokyo, Japan where he worked as an English teacher.

It was in Tokyo that he realized that there was no answer for the question that started his quest and that in fact, that very question is the wrong question to be asking.

He began traveling to different countries around the world asking new questions and uncovering new answers.

He returned to Canada and began traveling across North America speaking to teens about his findings, the importance of decision-making and the importance of having experiences. To date, he has been seen by more than half of a million teens.

Ryan is the author of the book “Make Your Own Lunch - How to Live an Epically Epic Life through Work, Travel, Wonder, and (maybe) College". He is the co-founder and CEO of, a web platform developed to help the 45% of high school students in North America who do not attend college immediately after leaving school connect to careers that are available to them and the companies that can help.

When he’s not traveling speaking to students and educators, he’s with his wife in Japan eating strange food and sleeping on trains.

Ryan has been a featured speaker at TEDx, SXSWedu, CCSA, hundreds of schools and hundreds of student conferences.


Since 2006, Ryan Porter has dedicated his career to helping young people answer the question “what should I do with my life?”. He is the CEO & co-founder of and the author of the book “Make Your Own Lunch: How to Live an Epically Epic Life through Work, Travel, Wonder, and (maybe) College”.

To date. Ryan has spoken to over half a million students in his quest to make sure that students leave high school with epic experiences. 

When he’s not on stage speaking or running his company, he’s with his wife in Japan eating strange food and sleeping on the train.